When I look in the mirror, I wish….

in the mirror

“When I Look in the Mirror….”

It’s been a long time, but when I think about it, perhaps the time passing is not a bad thing.  People change with every moment.  I know I’ve changed from the last time I made a post on this blog.  Time changes us, moments change us, experiences definitely change us….so the end to my sentence above…When I look in the mirror.. is..

I wish for a different time.  I wish for a time I was more confident in my ability to offer love to another.

There are times when you can look at a person, and you find yourself wishing for him.  There are times when you stay close to him, and see all the flaws, all the goodness, yet in yourself, you only see weakness. I know that love can be easy…but most often it’s hard to give love.  It’s harder to keep from that one person you’ve known all your life.

Mood: Meditative ^_^

Let’s have Breakfast !

breakfastYep! This is breakfast!

I got this feeling when I woke up this morning and mum was home in my kitchen making breakfast.  I want to say it was nostalgic, but Mother Lee is always showing up at my house.   I think she’s secretly hoping to find a guy one day and hold him accountable with her cooking stick…”When is the wedding?” she’ll say with her most scary face. (Hahahahaha) I’m that child in the family that she’s even gone on spiritual prayers for so I can get a man to take care of…argghh…I’m so pitiful.  Anyway, my point here is, mum made breakfast and presented this at the kitchen table.

I ate like a child starved!

It’s the feeling that this is mum’s food, you know.  The taste is just right!  I can never get the rice to taste just like she makes it. I don’t know why.

I got to wondering if everyone gets this feeling when they have their mother at home.  The feeling that the day is starting with reassurance. It’s strange, my mother and I disagree most times, but then in the morning, those disagreements seem to disappear at breakfast.

I think it’s the smile. Me walking in sleepily, her smiling at me, she hands me a cup of coffee without saying a word, and then the food.  No words, just smiles, and great food.  It makes the scary world outside approachable for me.

Omma, hang in there, hmmm…I’m sure this daughter of yours will bring you a son in-law one day….’til then, I’ll keep appreciating your food.

My Favorite Person

Love to love you
What do you love most about yourself?masala tea copy
What do you love most about your favorite person?
Are the two connected?
Gotta love prompts…hehe ^_^
Question: What do I love most about myself?
Answer: Tough question.  Hmmm…two answers to this. I love writing, and experiencing new things.
Question: What do I love most about My Favorite Person?
Answer: Easy Question. Several answers again. The person I love most listens to me so well, no matter the topic. This person is also stronger than me, very brave.
Question: Are the two connected?
Answer: Yes. Because this person gives me courage to face the new places I’m always finding myself in. Be they new towns, countries….state of mind….lol. His listening skills are also great because he has to listen to me complain, gripe, moan, gush…jeez, quite a saint I tell you.
Fun Prompt today! Happy Sunday!

On The Desk – My Works in Progress

Writing ProgressUntitled

This year I’ve managed to post two free stories, Electric Blue & Catnip and You Make Me…Crazy. Both of which I was happy to finish and turn into e-books. I had a lot of help with both e-books and I truly appreciate those people who contributed.  In between the day job, unbelievable accidents and life in general, I’ve managed to think up new plots.  Following please find e-books by yours truly to look forward to.

On the desk:

rescued life cover22

A Rescued Life

Genre: M/M Romance

Rating: Mature/ R  – this book contains content considered unsuitable for young readers 17 and under, and which may be offensive to some readers of all ages.

Stabbed and left for dead, Toshiro Shindo is at the end of the rope: no hope, no one to care, no reason to live. And then Jason rescues him, and shows him kindness and then love. When the man who stabbed him returns for him, Toshiro fights to keep the life Jason rescued.

I recently finished this, you can read it right here. I’m hard at work re-editing it and getting it ready to become an e-book.  I’ll post an update when the book is available for free on Smashwords.  Thanks L for the awesome cover. I’m amazed every time.

that dog2

That Dog, Young Jae

Genre: M/M Genre


Min Ho Jun hates everything about Young Jae. It doesn’t help that the man practically lives in the same house with him, so he has to put up with him every single minute. When Min Ho’s best friends leave the country for a year, he is left with no one to talk to.Life takes an unexpected turn when he finds love in the most unlikely place.

This story is a short I wrote a while back.  I reread it the other day, and it was full of nostalgia. I think I had the most fun writing this story. That Dog, Young Jae is available on smashwords, although its cover is undergoing a change,and I’m re-editing it.  My awesome friend decided to make a new cover and re-edit it.  (Thank you, L. For your hard work.)

Fates Decided cover22

Fates Decided

Genre: Romance


Jade Sang is an aide worker with the Seren Foundation, posted in Mombasa.  She’s worked in hard places, helping refugees in camps and it has taken a serious toll on her.  She is recovering in her quiet home by the beach when she gets a call that her fiancee is in trouble. Jihu Ming is the reason why Jade joined the Seren Foundation.  He’s a doctor working with aide organizations offering medical services in refugee camps around the world.  Recently stationed in Dadaab, Jihu’s vehicle is attacked by militia and he is injured.  Afraid for his life, Jade decides to find him in Dadaab and take him back to Seoul.

She enlists the help of Derek Woo on the journey to save Jihu.  Jade and Derek’s connection is fast, and irrevocable.  They fall in love on the journey to save Jihu, and have a hard time parting.  When it comes to love and marriage, Jade is faced with a decision that affects three lives.

This is a work-in-progress, currently available on this blog. Read it here.

Dragons Kiss1

Dragon’s Kiss

Genre: M/M Romance

Rating: this book contains content considered unsuitable for young readers 17 and under, and which may be offensive to some readers of all ages.

When his boyfriend stands him up again, Haje Young decides to meet his twin brother for a drink instead. On their way home, Haje, his twin brother,and their best friend get into a tragic road accident. Right after his brother’s funeral, someone tries to kill him and Haje makes a terrible discovery.

He must find a way to trust the man who saves him from death while he works to find Zavier, the man Haje believes is responsible for his twin’s death.

This is a story I’ve worked on for too long. I’m working on finishing it. I’ve had a few troubles in the editing process, but I’ve found a solution. I’m pushing it to end by the end of this year. (angel of good fortune, please look upon me.) It is a work-in-progress you can read here.

For Fun:

You Make Me…Mad : I started this because I missed Kim Jaehan, Dan and Rebellion.  There are those stories you write just to enjoy the art of making up a story. This is one of those.

So, my end of year schedule is full right?  I hope I can reach these goals of mine.

Gestures and Laughs – On Understanding the world better

Khalil Gibran once said
“…people will never understand one another
unless language is reduced to seven words.”
What would your seven words be?
Writing Prompts are fun!!
My Seven Words
Well, I have a bad habit of judging people’s comments too quickly.  You know those people who react to words at face value, seven wordsI’m those types of people.  This has been mentioned to me more than once.  How quickly I jump to conclusions, it’s a source of stress.
Someone can tell me something in  passing, and it just stays with me all day.  For example, someone says, “Hey, you look nice today.” I might not say anything right then, but I’ll keep thinking all day that this person meant that I looked nice today, because all other days I haven’t looked nice.  So, they just had to tell me I looked nice today because it was an exception.  It goes round and round in my head, until I have to go to that person and ask.  Yes, this is who I am. I work hard to change this, but it’s hard.
In my world, language reduced to seven words would include the following:
  1.  Patience – People (meaning me) should take their time before jumping to the conclusion.  Patience is important in everything.
  2. Funny – Find humor in situations, conversations, people.  It makes life easier.
  3. Gestures – Have a conversation only with gestures.  I assure you, you’ll communicate better with the other person. If not, you’ll atleast have fun doing it. Language barrier makes this so much fun and amusing. Try explaining you want a toilet with gestures….lol.
  4. Endurance – Everything has a start, a middle and an end, like a story. Situations in life are like this, it’s how you endure through them that defines you.
  5. Precise – It’s not easy to be straightforward.  I don’t have this ability, but I wish I did.  It would cut down a lot of the trouble that finds me.
  6. Spontaneous – Have the courage to do anything at unexpected moments.
  7. Creative – Integrate this in everything but the truth. Don’t be creative when you’re telling the truth. Always serve it up cold. ^_^ if you can. That’s tough to do too.

Wow, I think my world would be a tad insane.  People would communicate in gestures, (Insert image of flailing arms) Laugh a a lot, as everything would be funny and creativity can get pretty interesting.