Comfort food – Delicious & Liberating

Prompt Me: Delicious Food

What’s for Dinner?



This is a noodle dish mixed in with black bean sauce, which consists of black soybean paste, diced pork (or your preferred meat) and vegetables.

I’m trying to teach myself to love cooking.  I know that sounds crazy, since I eat on a daily basis, and therefore do cook food to eat, but to love cooking means you make great tasting dishes like this and they come out looking and tasting great.  You gotta love cooking to get that to happen.  So, I’m working on teaching myself to love cooking.  Since jajangmyeon is my favorite food, I make this on days that have been truly hard.

To eat this dish, you gotta mix up the ingredients thoroughly like you’re making a mish-mash, the paste has tojajangmyeon get on everything.  Then eat those noodles up like there is no tomorrow.  All I can say is  I only eat this next to people I’m way to comfortable with.  They won’t mind my saucy face, during or after I eat. ^_^  This is why Jajangmyeon is the best comfort food.  Delicious and Liberating!

Don’t eat it on your first date….seriously, unless you’re trying to scare him away.

The Song so Sweet

Prompt Me, Silly: Dancing

Who’s dancing and why are they tapping those toes?


The Song so Sweet

Alone in the house,

thoughts invade,

those thoughts,

so many;

I hum a song,

that song so sweet,

turn the stereo on,

that volume high,

I nod my head once,

then twice,

the song so sweet,

seeps in to the soul,

I dance


those thoughts,

those maddening thoughts

they disappear.

The Little BeetleBug

Prompt Me: The Vessel

Write about a ship or other vehicle that can take you

somewhere different from whereyou are now.


The little BeetleBug

A Yellow Beetle Volkswagen,

Stands on my lawn,

That BeetleBug,

I’ve loved it,

For as long as I can remember.

Full of life, it once was,

Bright yellow,

like a sunflower.

On sunny days,

with the cover down,

winding down the hills & valleys,

the breeze so fresh on my skin.

So full of life it once was,

a part of life,

My favorite car,

Now, she sleeps,

and I can’t sell her,

I hold on still,

that little BeetleBug,

Oh how I miss her.

On Unrequited Love

Prompt Me: Unrequited Love.

What a topic this is.

Have I felt unrequited love?


What was it like?

Insane.  Unrequited love is this thing that can be considered infatuation, or a case where you’re loving a guy or girl who doesn’t feel the same way you do. It is really quite painful, especially if the object of this love is emotionally tied to someone else.  Then life really does get a tad torturous. From experience, the easiest way to handle this is to avoid him or her…though it doesn’t really go away so easily.

How do you feel when you love someone who does not love you back?

The love won’t go away.  I mean, you love this person for a reason.  The reasons why they don’t return that love don’t matter, so I guess you feel caught in this tag of war between love and hate.  You love this person, but hate them ‘coz they can’t see you love them.  There is the obsession with what this person is doing, what he thinks, what he feels, and God help you when he gets a girlfriend.  She’ll have every flaw possible, and you won’t like her one bit because you wish you were her.

I think when unrequited love first starts, it can be easily considered infatuation.  Once you meet someone else who captures your interest, then it’s harmless and quickly goes away.  The problem starts when unrequited love is so deep as to change how a person thinks and acts to others.

Who was the object of my unrequited love?

Hahaha,….someone who I’d call my Sunbae.  Ah…he was beautiful to look at, I loved his laugh the most.  Too bad he was in love with his longtime girlfriend.  I couldn’t get in between that.  So, I let him go…once in a while, I’ll think to myself…”Oh, Sunbae-nim, if you’d only turned my way….” lolz.



Jam Session – VAMPS’ Piano Duet

Sin título-1VAMPS – Hyde & KAZ

I have loved these two guys what seems like all my life.  Hyde is the lead singer of L’arc en Ciel, if you’ve never heard him sing, you’re missing out.  KAZ is like Hyde’s muse, they write the best damn music!  I thought I should share this song that’s stuck on my everyday playlist since forever.  The lyrics are so powerful, they get me all emotional and stuff when I listen to them.  Here’s Piano Duet by VAMPS

The English Translation Lyrics Below:

Hey, is this what you were thinking
when you have out your hands out like this?
The melody spun on the keys

Ah, I never realized that you loved me this much, but now it’s too late

On rainy days, you always snuggled up to me
And sang as I played the piano
The notes flew just like they do today

If you were here with me now
I know I could definitely say it
But I can’t reach up to heaven

Hey, someday I’ll come back home to you
When that day I’ll see you, will I be able to say it?
Ah, I never realized that you loved me this much, so I couldn’t say this, but

Thank you
Thank you


Gambatte kudasai, I just love you guys!!

Unexpected Moments – Giddy Smiles

Prompt me today:

Outside the Window:What’s the weather outside your window doing right now?


July is a strange month in my corner of the world.  While everyone else is enjoying the summer, we’re sort of in an Autumn that’s not quite there.

It’s cold one minute, then hot the next, and I find myself having to haul a sweater everywhere I go.  Funny thing is, today morning, the sun rose high and hot.  I was all giddy smiles, because I think I believe in the sun fully.  Even my mood is determined by the sun…bright and happy when the sun is high…depending with my level of coldness, I get crankier, the colder it gets. So today morning, excited about the sun, I dressed light, and now as I type this post up, the sun has disappeared behind a bunch of clouds.  It’s cold again.  The silver lining in this story, is someone I like draped his jacket over my shoulders, so I’m giddy again.  ^_^

Maybe the cold is not so bad.  And that’s life, unexpected like the weather….